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category: Design

Logo for the blog Brödklaras Paraply

For LRF Media and the brand Hembakat I created a blog about the art of bread baking. Recipes, guides and all kinds of inspiration. I chose the name Brödklaras Paraply which translates Brödklaras Umbrella (bröd = bread, Klara = a female name). Brödklaras Paraply was the name of an old oak outside my parents house. Below this oak the woman Brödklara stood, come rain or shine, and sold bread and sandwiches in the 18th century to the miners passing by on their way to work. The enormous oak served as her umbrella on rainy days, hence the name Brödklaras Paraply. Anyway, this blog was very close to my heart and I still dream of reviving it some day and create something of the brand. This is the logo I created.


Logo creation for blog

  • Date

    July 4, 2016

  • Skills

    illustrator, illustration

  • Client

    Brödklaras paraply