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I don't really keep track of my jobs but here are some of them.

Ballongverkstan. Web Designer.

2016 – onwards. I have worked, and still do, with Ballongverkstan in Stockholm. I designed the new web site and do still keep it updated, design balloon bouquets, all print material and am also in charge of the business software behind the site.

Make your mark. Magazine design.

2018 – 2019. I got headhunted for a position as art director of the newly re-designed magazine Hundsport and the two extras: Utställning and Jakthund. I worked closely with the editor and the customer Svenska Kennelklubben and had lots of fun. I enjoyed the work but decided to leave to pursue other interests. 

LRF Media. Design, baking, styling etc

2010 – 2015. Came to LRF as a substitute at the magazine Vi Båtägare and was able to stay until the magazine was sold to another publisher a few years later. Took another job within the publishing house for the magazine Hembakat. I did a remake of it, rationalized the work and participated actively in web publishing and strategy (we went from 3000 follower to over 200 000 during this time). I also had a blog for the website; wrote recipes, baked, styled and sometimes took pictures both for the magazine and the website. At LRF I also produced guides and such to help colleagues navigate new systems.

Travel Heroes. Design, sales work,

2008 – 2010. I was a part of starting a store in central Stockholm with all that entails of planning, purchasing, profiling, design and marketing. Built the website and web shop and worked actively with SEO, Google adwords and other e-marketing. Alongside working in the store and meeting the consumers of course.

Aller AB. Layout.

2008. Worked as a layout designer for the weekly magazine Året Runt for six months and took over the technician’s tasks when needed. Interesting to work for a weekly magazine but I chose to step down prematurely when I received an offer that I could not resist.

Egmont AB. Graphic design

2005 – 2008. As a freelance designer I worked for a number of small and medium-sized companies in the sports industry, as well as the publisher Hjemmet Mortensen Förlag AB (today Egmont AB). At HMAB, I worked regularly with four titles (Superplay, PC Gamer, Din Teknik, DatorMagazin) which are completely different from each other, but challenges in different ways. Furthermore, I produced lots of one-shots for the publisher. Also took assignments for Bonnier Nova.

Kängspecialisten. Sales, marketing, webdesign etc

2005 – and still going! Having sold Graninge boots to Kängspecialisten I found I liked them so much I started working for them in the store on weekends and holidays. I still do this today. Both as a sales person but I also built and manage the database och have built and continuesly manage the web shop.

Ejendals AB. Marketing assistant, industry expert and designer

2004 – 2005. Ejendals AB is the owner of the Swedish brand Graninge and I was hired on a project basis to handle PR and marketing, train sales personnel and generally work to re-introduce this old brand to the market – both to buyers and consumers. Worked on a freelance basis after the project was over with continued production of catalogs, advertisements, press releases, internal training material, etc.

The North Face. Marketing manager, customer service, PR

1999 – 2004. Nordväggen AB had the agency for The North Face in Sweden and for 4.5 years I had a central role in the company with responsibility for all customers in Sweden and was also appointed Marketing Manager by The North Face Europe Ltd. In parallel, together with the CEO of Outside Scandinavia, I prepared all marketing for all of Outside Scandinavia’s brands. Of course, all public relations work to promote our products in every conceivable way also within the framework; events, sponsorship, editorial processing, trade fair arrangements etc.

Self employed. Editor, designer

1996 – 1997. I ran my own company where I produced ads and catalogs, among other things. Customers included Storliens Högfjällshotell, Lundhags Skomakarna, Lowe Alpine, various snowboard companies, Sportkällaren in Åre.

The same season I also produced a local newspaper for Östersundsposten with publication every other week during the season (a total of 14 issues). The magazine came to be called “Årefjällen Idag” and I was responsible for content, photography, articles, reports, notices, event tips. At the same time I was a columnist and entertainment writer for both newspapers in Jämtland; Östersundsposten and Länstidningen. Also took assignments to educate staff in all graphic softwares.


1995. In 1995, I was asked by Rabén & Sjögren to write a book about snowboarding together with Martin Willners (ISBN 912963766X). The book was published in 1995 and the following year in Finland. It was the best-selling youth book in 1995 in Sweden.

Areng & Areng AB. Graphic designer, writer, editor-in-chief

1993 – 1998. Worked as a designer in the family company Areng & Areng AB, which among other things published the sporting industry magazine Sportfack. In addition to the purely graphic work, I wrote articles, small and big, about the industry, was responsible for the design and sale of an annual directory of suppliers, represented the company at trade fairs in Sweden and abroad. Started within the publishing house a snowboard magazine, UPG, which was published for a year and was relatively progressive as a lifestyle magazine. In 1998, I spent time designing and being responsible for another new magazine, a sports fashion magazine for the clothing industry, together with a colleague.

From the age of 13 I started working as a cleaning lady at hotels  in Åre. At 16 I went to printmaking school and from there I started working. With a two year stint as a nanny in New Jersey.


1988-1990. Graphic Print Media. A three-year education in the graphic industry.

1992-1993. Municipal adult school at Racklöfska School in Järpen. The aim was to complete what was lacking for higher education competence (third year in Swedish, 3 years of high school mathematics). Completed it all in one year.

2004. Journalism. The school Poppius basic course.