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She is not only a very talented graphic designer, but also very pleasant to work with. It has been an absolute pleasure to have her in the team as I know that she will always deliver on time, with great quality and with a smile.

I love to work, and I love to work hard and efficiently. And I primarily work for companies and people I find interesting, fun, or where there is a challenge of some kind! I enjoy collaborating with each of my clients in order to create the best plan to accomplish their vision and goals. When I work with a client, I care as much about their company as I do about mine!

With more than 30 years of professional experience in branding, writing, marketing, and communications in both print and online, I am able to provide most necessary services, in coordination with the proper resources, allowing for lower overhead, more flexibility, and faster project turnaround.

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Me at work

• I have extensive experience as an art director, but also with PR, marketing, and as a writer.
• I have been working with the most common design software since 1991 – technically excellent, and fast. I like to streamline working methods to make the production super efficient.
• I am good at adapting to rules and formal requirements.
• I work daily in WordPress, Umbraco, different webshop systems and can handle Joomla, Dynamaster etc.
• I enjoy owning a project completely, and I do it well.
• I am very loyal, curious, and have a high level of work ethic.
• I am solution oriented, for real.


Saga is a confident, fast, and reliable layouter who always does her utmost to ensure the end result is good. She takes responsibility all the way and does not stop until she knows the product is in the bag. She is also helpful, far beyond what is expected in a workplace, and is happy to help anyone in need.

During the time Saga worked with us, the Swedish Kennel Club was a new customer, and one of the largest. The magazine had just undergone a major transformation after having had roughly the same design since the 1970s. The work situation was periodically pressured, partly due to a high workload, partly due to new and sometimes unexpected demands from the customer. Saga responded with brilliance to all this: willing to serve, flexible, and with the attitude of a workaholic, in the very best sense of the word.

At SKK, they still talk fondly of Saga, and at Make Your Mark, many of us were saddened when she resigned at her own request. I highly recommend her to future employers.

Ebba Svanholm, Make Your Mark

So capable and sharp, but also adaptable and perceptive. Thank you for all the positive energy you’ve spread during our cooperation. Thank you, Saga, for your patience and your helpfulness, you are a rock.

Words from customer Svenska Kennelklubben

Saga is a fantastic employee in many ways. She is extremely good with computers, handles all sorts of design, and is also a good illustrator. Saga is loyal and is always up for any task given to her. She is always in a good mood and says yes to everything. She spreads a lot of joy in her workplace and can talk to all kinds of people. Saga is also full of ideas and constantly tries to contribute to the products she works with.

Eva Nordlinder, editor-in-chief of the magazine Hembakat

She is not only a very talented graphic designer, but also very pleasant to work with. It has been an absolute pleasure to have her on the team, as I know that she will always deliver on time, with great quality, and with a smile.

Emmy Lennevald, former Head of Advertising and production at Bauhaus

She is simply the best! Skilled, flexible, engaged, nice, and fun to work with. No obstacles will stop her.

Olle Widell, former CEO of Nordväggen AB (The North Face Sweden)

She knows what makes a perfect delivery on a project, and she can also deliver it on time and on budget. But more than that, Saga takes care of the people around her, and she can lift an entire organization and make her co-workers work harder and do better just for the joy of being part of her team. I wish everybody the chance to work with Saga, it’s an experience for life.

Paul Bogatir, former editor-in-chief of Swedens no 1 motorboating magazine