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A couple of days in the north

This August I went to the small village of Garnäs in Västerbotten county with my favorite person J. It’s a county of vast wilderness and very few people – especially in the municipality Sorsele to which Gargnäs belongs. The municipality is almost 8000 square kilometers but with only 0,33 inhabitants/km²! However – as I’ve learned – the fishing is absolutely world-class!  The national river Vindelälven runs through Sorsele from Ammarnäs in the north to Gargnäs in the south and further down to the Baltic sea. There are not many preserved, unregulated mountain rivers in Sweden so Vindelälven is pretty unique. And also the one located furthest south. The river varies between calm streams, large seals and wild rapids and I really fell in love with it! Not only because I actually caught a few fish 🙂 It is pretty beyond belief up there and I met some wonderful people. 

I went with J to Garnäs in hope of some relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of Stockholm and I found it. Fishing, sleeping, drinking wine and coffee and hanging out with unpretentious people. I hope I get to go back some day, I really do. Might even move there if all other plans go to shit.