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Golf Son Termes in Mallorca

17 years ago, I started playing golf. My entire family was into it big time, and it seemed like a good way to spend time together. I took the course and got my hcp. And quit. When we moved to a new city, my son was too young to play, and other interests gradually took over. Now I am at it again, with new-found enthusiasm! I found a pro, Marlene Hedblom, who helps me get my swing in order, and an indoor venue where I can practice during the long, dark months of winter. It is frustrating, fun, and very gratifying when everything works out (which it rarely does at this stage).

I have the good fortune of beeing able to travel to Mallorca a number of times recently. With my golf clubs, of course. I’ve played the most at Golf Son Termes, a hilly course approximately 10 kilometers north of Palma de Mallorca where no handicap certificate is needed. This 18-hole, par-70 parkland course offers panoramic views, has fairly small greens, and hilly fairways. Son Termes takes full advantage of the terrain; it is also quite the workout walking this course, and many of the greens are protected by bunkers, trees, ravines, and strategically placed water hazards, leaving little margin for error. The finishing hole is a dogleg left (par 4), and the green is situated just below the elevated clubhouse, where you can enjoy an “after golf” beer and of course the stunning views.

My golf game needs a lot of work, but true to my disposition, I remain happy regardless of the result. When my game sucks, Son Termes still has an abundance of amazing views to enjoy, a great number of cute goats gracing the fairways (!) to look at, and up above, Mallorcan birds of prey frequent the skies. It is good fun playing at Son Termes, no matter the result, and it is not too crowded.

Yep. Those are goats gracing the fairway.
The course is not without obstacles.