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Walking around Tynningö

Across the bay from Vaxholm, south of Rindö, is Tynningö. A 7-km-long, narrow island that offers easy walks among magnificent houses, cute holiday homes, and good opportunities for a dip in the sea. The hike here runs largely on smaller roads, but on the central part of the island, a path leads away from buildings and into dense forest.

Tynningö is easily accessible from central Stockholm, and on a beautiful summer day, it’s no problem to spend an entire day there. On Tynningö, you walk on sparsely trafficked roads near the water but rarely right by it. The water can be reached in several places in between plots, and on a hot summer’s day, a swim is always nice!

There is a marked trail around the island, Tynningö Runt, which has been built quite recently. The trail markings are new, and there are maps placed around the island. However, Tynningö has a permanent population of a couple of hundred, and in the summer, the number of residents doubles. There is thus a lot of private property, and the signage is not always well placed. It’s quite often difficult to understand exactly where the trail leads. But it is an island, and if you have the water on one side all day, you get around! And, on my walk, I received several spontaneous “can I help you?” and “what are you looking for?” responses from landowners, so getting directions was simple!

I jumped on Waxholmsbolaget’s boat from Strömkajen to Höganäs Pier and went counterclockwise around the island, and then took the ferry from Norra Tynningö to Vaxholm (do not forget the semaphore!). And then bus home—an easy walk of about 17 kilometers. No matter how you choose to walk, don’t miss lake Myrholmsmaren’s bathing place with jetty, Tynningö Klack on the east end of the island with majestic and open views of the salt lake, to walk up along Stenkärrsvägen for the view of Vaxholm and Kastellet, the bathing place at Skutviken, and to walk in the woods on the central part of the island with streaks of herbaceous forest and marshes. The forest is really worth a visit—dense vegetation with winding, moss-covered roots and a feeling of walking among trolls and knots. Not to mention all the well-kept houses and plots that make one dream of a life in the archipelago!

A must on a trip to Tynningö is to bring your own water. I saw no opportunities to refill the water bottle, and my day on the island was hot! Rescue became a year-round resident who kindly filled my bottle and at the same time told me that she no longer recognized everyone who walked past her house. We all agreed that it had to be the newly constructed trail around Tynningö.Your own lunch bag is also necessary if you plan to spend the whole day on the island; otherwise, Vaxholm is on its way home.

So, is it worth it? To take a walk on small roads in between private homes? Absolutely! Tynningö is a living, rural idyll and a real summer dream!

Calm views are plentiful.
The long narrow beach at Skutviken.
View from northern Tynningö towards Furusundsbron.
Furusundsbron by a small marina.
You just have to go to Tynningö Klack!
A well-trodden path leads to Tynningö Klack.
View from Tynningö Klack.