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Walking the small island of Eldgarnsö

The path starts and the parking lot
Tall trees and a wide path
Lungwort is blooming in May... does the cowslip
A magnificent oak
An old pear tree alley
Walking the gravel roads of Färingsö
The church of Hilleshög

Eldgarnsö Nature Reserve offers varied nature in a small area and a walk around the entire small island is only 6.3 km long. But what nice kilometers! Eldgarnsöslingan is a circular loop so you can go clockwise or counterclockwise as you like – I chose counterclockwise and started south from the parking lot. The wide and well-trampled loop is easy to walk for most people and a pair of walking shoes works well. The first part along the southern part of the island goes through deciduous forest with the slopes full of flowers in spring; white anemone coexists with goldenrod and lungwort. Lake Mälaren’s water is visible through the forest and just putting one foot in front of the other here and breathing is a pure pleasure! Far from the noise of car traffic, the birds’ song dominates the soundscape. The trail runs mostly through forest but occasionally along the open fields and pastures that make up the center of the island. Just before the detour to Ångbåtsbryggan there is an oak grove with mistletoe which is the island’s number one character plant. The steamboat pier itself is not much to see – and it feels like you are walking on someone’s plot when you go down – but there is a small pier with a bathing ladder for those who feel like a dip in the lake of Mälaren. 

After Ångbåtsbryggan the vegetation turns into rock pine forest and the path leads to Norrudden and the small bay with an even smaller harbor, several picnic tables and the opportunity to swim from the rocks on the headland. There is also an outdoor toilet financed by the boat clubs that maintain the small harbor in Norrsundet. A short walk through the forest remains before Eldgarnsöslingan turns into a road that passes some holiday homes and the farm’s barns on the way back to the starting point at the car park. But do not stop looking! Here is an incomparable oak and a beautiful wild, half dilapidated but fantastic alley with pear trees!

I the middle of the island is an old, open pasture. This time of year filled with dandelions. Supposedly dandelions are a weed but they always make me happy!

Getting to Eldgarnsö Nature Reserve is easiest by car, but public transport also works. I took a bus from Brommaplan to hpl Karlskär, from there it is 2 km walk to the reserve. Keep in mind that the buses do not go home super often on the weekends – some planning is required.

If you think that 6.3 km on Eldgarnsö is not enough for a weekend walk, you can, for example, choose to walk twice as much and finish with a coffee or lunch at the fantastic Apple Factory and from there take the bus back to town (always check opening hours)! The walk meanders along small roads on Färingsö, through estates and along both arable land and forest. It’s so worth it – to take an easy walk and let your eyes sweep over the open landscapes to be rewarded with Äppelfabriken’s delicious pastries. On weekends, it can be quite crowded with visiting cyclists, motorcyclists and car-borne visitors, but there is plenty of seating and lawns.