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Boo-leden in Nacka municipality

The 15 km long Boo trail in Nacka municipality is not a walk that disconnects you from the city for a couple of hours, but is still worth it. The trail runs partly along electric light trails, residential buildings, sometimes on roads and Stockholm’s soundscape is sometimes there – but for the most part you walk on quiet paths and are surrounded by the soothing forest. And hike goes without a top score if it ends at a fantastic summer restaurant!

The Boo trail starts from Boo Hembygdsgård in Orminge (the nearest stop is Nämdöstigen). The walk starts along the residential street Sjöängsvägen but pretty soon the trail turns into the woodlands. The first part is quite lively with runners and dog walkers but shortly you arrive at “Danmarks meadows”, a remnant of cultivated land from the past, which you will round to continue the trail. Also, at the far end of the meadow there is the possibility of a short detour to Stora Ängsviken with a view of Saltsjön.

A great treasure with the Boo trail are the small lakes it passes. Right at the beginning is the smallest – Svartpotten – and the next, after Denmark’s meadows, is Krokträsken (pictured above). Two fine bogs with still water around which the skvattram bush is supposed to spread a wonderful scent. I know nothing about this – I smelled nothing and was completely focused on the forest that was reflected in the still waters.

The island Krokholmen in lake Myrsjön
Yellow pine cones ...
... and red pine cones

The next lake along the trail is Myrsjön and here a warning is appropriate. According to Naturkartan and Nacka municipality, you should now walk the trail on the right side of the lake – along Skarpövägen. This stretch is not worth it – you walk along a steep slope between road and water. The surface is loose, it is a lot of rubble to step over like twigs, fallen trees etc (May 2020) and there are risks of falling or twisting your ankles. You can follow the trail of course, but I really advise everyone to walk around the lake on the other side. Just at the beginning of Lake Myrsjön, when the water glistens between the trees, you can either go to the right on an almost invisible and unmarked path which is the difficult, public trail I described above, or follow the orange marking to the left and round the lake clockwise. It will only be a little longer, and there is a lack of markings, but as long as you have Myrsjön on your right side, you will reach the exit Margretebergsvägen on Skarpövägen, which is the next part on the Boo trail.

The trail then  follows the small gravel road Margretebergsvägen which soon turns into a path by the Orminge Colonists and a small paddock. Here, the top of Boo Church can be seen further ahead, but the trail takes a turn along Sågsjön before it reaches the church at the height. After a couple of hundred meters on Värmdövägen, the trail then turns off up into the forest again and the next stop – Himlaberg. The Boo trail does not naturally pass the Himlaberg lookout point, but you must pay attention to a division with an orange marking both straight ahead and up to the right. Unfortunately, there were no signs in May 2020. but it’s up to the right you should go. And after mailing Nacka municipality they promised to put one up! The extra 100 meters up on Himlaberget are worth walking – maybe not for the view but to sit for a while and enjoy the openness at the inner archipelago’s highest height.

Now the final step on the Boo trail goes through lowlands with deciduous trees and finally an electric light trail to Velamsund’s farm / Nacka Riding School and restaurant “Långa raden”. The Boo trail is perhaps not Stockholm’s most spectacular trail, and it is not perfectly signposted and maintained, but no trail has been walked in vain if it ends on a sunny day at a nice restaurant by the water!

Lake Sågsjön
The wonderful restaurant Långa raden
View from the restaurant - Velamsundsviken with all its boats
The woody lowlands at the end of the trail