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A spring hike in the archepelago

View of the Baltic sea

The hiking trail Utö Runt is a gem among jewels! The association Destination Utö has done a phenomenal job with this trail – it constantly wants to return to the ocean. You really feel how the path in the woodland parts wants to pull down towards the water and the view over the archipelago! Not because there is something wrong with the time among the trees, but on Utö Runt it is the water and the horizon that’s the real treasure.

Utö Runt starts at the ferry terminal in Gruvbyn and follows the shoreline all the way up to the military area on Stångudden, then a short traverse over to the barren, rocky eastern side. The trail then continues along the shoreline with fantastic views of the Baltic Sea to meander back through lush forest and wetland to the starting point, Gruvbyn.

This is a 15 km long walk that takes its time. It is somewhat tough – a large portion of the walk is on slippery rocks so it is important to keep track of where you put your feet. But so worth it! So many nice places by the sea to stop at, and so beautiful! A book, some coffee and lunch and the hike is complete!

The trail is very clearly marked with blue / yellow markings and arrows on logs, stones and trees and Föreningen Destination Utö has done an incomparable job – wood chips are laid out in special wetlands, the beams are new and sturdy and it is almost impossible to get lost! 

I went in the middle of April so it was low season for the boats from Stockholm – instead I took the shuttle to Västerhaninge, bus to Årsta pier and went 40 minutes with Waxholmsbolaget’s boat Silverpilen. On the commute card! Incredibly luxurious, but the boat runs quite infrequently so it is important to keep track of time so you do not miss the last ferry home.

The path follows the shoreline around northern Utö
Soft, round stones overlooking the Baltic Sea