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One evening I spontaneously applied for an extensive, and expensive, course at Swedens most well-renowned massage school – Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut. So a year later I found myself being a massage therapist. I have always been interested in my own body and how it feels, functions and changes but not necessarily other peoples. I have always enjoyed getting a massage, but giving one? I don’t know. Imagine my surprise when it turns out I really, really enjoy giving them. After a day of giving 8-9 massages my body is sore, my wrists ache, my back is tired but my energy level is through the roof! 

Even if I am tired I have helped people ALL DAY! People in pain, people recovering from injuries, people experiencing stress. What I provide speeds up the healing process, improves circulation, and can be ever so relaxing for overworked 9-5:ers! Whatever reason they come for a massage – they always look forward to it. And that is an amazing start on a 50-minute relationship! And while I work I engage my entire body and I am actually in better physical shape than ever. 

Not to mention I spend my working days in a very relaxing environment. All day I am surrounded by scented candles, soft towels and soothing music. The ambiance in the spa makes it a relaxing experience not only for the clients, but for the me too. Oh joy!

Currently I am enjoying working at Dalecarlia Spa in Tällberg, Sweden, a weekend or two per month. It’s a lovely spa situated in beautiful surroundings, I stay at their lovely hotel and enjoy the breakfasts every day (the best breakfast buffet ever!). And soon they will open a brand new yoga- and training facility so that suits me even better! Imagine going to an early yoga class before work and finishing off work with a calm and relaxing guided meditation. That would be such a dream! For the future I am also hoping to go abroad for a month or two a year to offer massages at a nice spa or hotel with workout focus. Maybe next year – for now I am happy with where I am! And what I am – a massage therapist.