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Lovö is an island and a nature reserve very close to Stockholm and today I went for a walkabout with my good friend Lena. We decided to follow the 18 km long antiquity trail that encircles the island and were blessed with great springtime weather! The trail starts at the royal castle Drottningholm and runs through an agricultural landscape of ecological and cultural value. It is a beautiful island and the trail is really nice and easy, although a little wet this early in the season and due to all mountain bikers there are quite a few mudholes. With with good shoes that is not a problem of course and it’s great to see active people along the trail!

The sights around the trail mainly consists of cemeteries from the iron age and the occasional runsten. It’s cool and all but gets a bit uninteresting after while, at least for us. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all. Sort of. The only time Lena picked up her phone for a picture was when we walked past an old latrine hole! But the trail is worth walking anyway – lots of flowers, old oaks, beautiful landscapes and forests. If you google “Lovön Fornstigen” you’ll find decent maps but the trail is very well marked with blue, square signs so there is really no need for one!