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Adelsö Hiking Trail is an approximately 12-14 kilometer long trail which runs in a loop around the northern Adelsön in the municipality of Ekerö. Today I got to hike it with my good friend Lotta whom I met travelling in Nepal. The settings couldn’t have been better – a beautiful sunny day with birds chirping, the smell of fresh, spring nature and a cool breeze from the lake Mälaren all day. Possibly the best way to spend a Saturday – with a good, equally chatty, friend! The trail was well marked with blue dots on trees and the hour long bus ride from central Stockholm is well worth it.

We walked really slowly with a lunch break, taking every opportunity to stop and gaze at the view and admire the landscape. Since it is quite a long way from the city public transport is scarce, especially on a Saturday. So on our way back we just caught the ferry to the neighbouring island of Munsö at 17.00 but there was no bus until 18.25 so we decided to hitchhike. Thankfully a lady from Trinidad who lives on Adelsö (Sättra Gård actually which we passed on our walk and where I decided I wanted to live!) picked us up and drove us to central Ekerö and there bus 176 was waiting to take us to Brommaplan and from there it was the green line subway all the way home. A good day in many ways!

Apple trees with blossoms was all over the place and they were so pretty! Everything was pretty actually and you do kind of understand the concept of open landscapes and can’t stop humming the Ulf Lundell song “Öppna Landskap”. It really is our true national hymn! The trail was not crowded and no mountain bike riders at all. A few paved roads but we walked mostly on old tractor paths and trails. At one point we reached the highest point on the island, Kunstaberget, which boasts 54 möh (170 feet above sea level) 🙂 There was an rickety old outlook tower which I boldly stated I would climb to watch the view. Half way up I had to stop – there was just no way I could take another step! I think my fear of hights is evolving…

The best part of the trail started on the very north tip of Adelsö. Once you have reached Fiskare Widlunds place (a local fisherman) at Storgårdsviken it starts getting really good. The only public pier we saw is close by with a possibility for a dip in Mälaren. We saw a few kids taking a swim but it couldn’t have been more than 13 degrees celsius. We dipped our feet and had lunch instead. After the pier comes a few more spots for taking a swim and we thought of perhaps going back for that. In a few weeks time. With a book each and quite possibly a bottle of summer time rosé!

The first part efter turning back from the northern tip of Adelsö was really nice but the very last quarter was merely transportation. But again – well worth it! I will most certainly do this hike again! And dream of living here. I just need a car. And a few million SKR.

This is the tower at Kunstaberget (photo from wikipedia by Holger Ellgard). I dare you to go to the top!