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Photo: Lotta Martinez Eriksson

Todays visit to the local industry in Ilam district was to Sakhejung Tea Graden. The company is run by a family who owns a lot of land but, as I understand it, most of the tea gardens are owned by other locals who sell their produce to the company. I like it! I am truly sorry I don’t remember the name of the father (whom you see in a picture below) but his son Umesh gave us an amazing tour of the gardens and the factory.

Sakhejung produce high-quality orthodox tea and sell both nationally and internationally. Naturally I exported some for myself and a few tea-loving friends! Having been a cooffee-drinker all my life I am now on the road to becoming a tea-lover. I don’t know if it is any better than drinking buckets of coffee everyday but everyone says green tea is good for ya’ so I’ll give it a try.