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This part was the deal for me. A trek on the outskirts of Kanchenjunga Conservation area, to the tempel Pathibhara Devi on 3800 masl. We started at Suketar, walked to roads to Kaplepathi and from there an easy hike to the top. And back. We took our time and enjoyed the views, the food, the people. I seriously need to go back. I want to see the place in springtime. Experience the blossoming of all 23 (!) different kinds of rhododendron and what else there might be. And meet our newfound friends again; Gyalzen, Mahesh, Bhupen, Pemba and Azis (last one not spelled correctly!).

Above a few of our guides. from left to right: Pemba Sherpa, Gyalzen Sherpa and Mahesh Gurung. All three of them amazing people and personalities. Pemba: quiet and contemplative. Gyalzen: Easy stride and and a gentle manner. Mahesh; the showman.

Just a few images to show the scenery. When I walk I tend to keep my head down and just think about stuff – taking pictures is really not the first thing on my mind. But I took a few ones anyway! We walked the roads to Kaplepathi, as mentioned before, and seeing the conditions of the roads here and how full the regular jeeps were I think that was for the best! From one jeep we saw 20 people emerging, 20!!

Pathibhara Devi

Some pictures at elevation 3 794 m. The tempel is hindu and goat sacrificing was happening so I stayed put and avoided the area where the nastiness was going on. I don’t think I missed much – it was the view I wanted, and it was perfect from where I was standing!

Thulopedi is a small village we stayed in on the way and and down. In Thulopedi one of our guides, Mahesh, has a small guesthouse and he made us all feel welcome with good food, warm covers for the night and even a party on our last night! He also served some caricatures of us as hikers. I got made fun of and it was a blast and so true 🙂 The little kid was living next door and was too cute not to cuttle with (photo by Lotta Martinez Eriksson – thank you!).

Pemba Sherpa who entertained me well and is as nice as can be. Will do my best to stay in touch with all my new friends!

Nighttime party filmed by Bijaya Tamang