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Homemade ice cream has never been easier – a jar of dulce de leche, double cream and perhaps a seasoning and it’s all done! I myself love croquant- on ice cream, on top of muffins, in cakes and, of course, as a flavor and a crunch in this homemade icecream!

I have sprinkled extra croquant on top because I love the crunch, the croquant gets a bit soft in the icecream so the extra on top ads another texture to the dessert. Nutty croquant is easy to make yourself – recipes are available all over the internet if you want to try but otherwise there is a ready made hazelnut croquant from the brand Dr. Oetker, for example.

For a little extra zest, I made oat flakes that I cut into strips and shaped them over a rolling pin before they solidified. The recipe for oat flakes is here but the ice cream is super good as it is! But if you want to make the dessert a little extra festive.

7,5 dl

397 g Dulce de leche 
1 dl hazelnut croquante, storebought home made (recipe here)
5 dl double cream, cold

To serve
hazelnut croquante

1. Pour dulce de leche into a bowl. Mix in the croquante.

2. Beat the cream until soft peaks form.

3. Add 1/3 of the cream to the dulce de leche/croquante mix. Blend gently.

4. Add the rest of the cream and turn around carefully. You should mix as little as possible. An even color is not the goal here – marble is!

5. Pour everything in to a serving bowl, cover with clingfilm och put in the freezer for 24 hours.

6. Serve with extra hazelnut croquante.