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An apple cake with chopped chocolate in the batter, lots of ground hazelnuts for a really nutty taste and even more chocolate drizzled over – could it be better ?! This is a cake so good I wish everyone could have a taste! This cake is baked in a tray bake tin measuring 20×30 cm. If you do not have the exact size, and one rarely does, you can fold the baking paper. The batter is so sluggish it works with just folding it, and propping it up if you can.

1 large cake, 20 × 30 cm, cut into optional sized squares

200 g butter, room temperature
200 g of powdered sugar (2.2 dl)
5 eggs
100 g milk (1 dl)
150 g of wheat flour (2.5 dl)
150 g hazelnuts, ground (about 2.5 dl whole)
2 teaspoon baking powder
150 g dark chocolate, chopped
3 apples, peeled, pitted and cut into eights

50 g dark chocolate

1. Set the oven to 175 degrees C. Place a baking sheet in a tray bake tin, 20 x 30 cm.

2. Stir the butter and sugar until soft and smooth. Beat the eggs and mix into the butter. Add milk.

3. Blend wheat flour, hazelnuts and baking powder and add to the butter. Stir together quickly, add the chocolate and pour the batter into the pan.

4. Push the apple bits into the batter in any pattern you like, random works great 🙂 . Bake at the lower part of the oven for 1 hour. Let cool.

5. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Drizzle over the cake and cut into optional sizes and serve.