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Today I hiked alone to the sparkling emerald waters of Madleinsee (2437 m) surrounded by the majestic mountain scenery of the Silvretta mountain range. I swear to you – I have never experienced a lake as cold as this lake. I tried to put my foot in but lasted just a few seconds – I tried with all my will power to at least take a picture of myself standing in the water but it was truly impossible. Brrr! Anyway, the hike was breathtaking – beautiful flowers, the valley at my feet and no other hikers this day.

The pastures were beautiful on the way up and filled with calm cows and aggressive goats… Looking in another directions there was nothing but black sand and stone – almost like Teneriffa, or Iceland I suppose.

Again, like Berglisee, it was small but still amazing. How can water be that cold?! I mean, I’ve been icediving in Storsjön and I’ve been bathing in the frozen Baltic Sea but nothing compares to the cold of this tiny lake!

Schönpleiskopf with Madleinsee behind me.