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For christmas this year I decided to skip Sweden with my son and enjoy a week in New York. I’ve been there enough times so I let Mac decide what he wanted to do so for a couple of days we walked Manhattan up and down and visiting Macs favorite sitcom-diners and bars – great fun and a totally new way to experience the city! We stayed at the Vanderbilt YMCA in Manhattan which worked out to be good enough and on christmas eve we went to stay with my old au-pair family The Devlins in Pennington, NJ. As always Greg and Margarette were incredible welcoming and fun and I think both me and Mac had one of our best holidays ever!

I didn’t haul my camera all around New York so there is not really mush to show. But here is Astor Place Subway station that I liked for some reason, and Brooklyn Bridge (a mandatory picture almost).

We enjoyed a couple of walks in Central Park – especially on our way to Macs favorite breakfast place Tom’s Restaurant in Mornington Heights.