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"Saga is a confident, fast and reliable graphic designer who always does her utmost to ensure a perfect end result. She takes responsibility all the way and doesn’t stop working until she knows for sure the product is in the bag. She is also helpful far beyond what is expected in a workplace and is happy to help anyone."

Borgafjäll - South Lapland

In February of 1986, I traveled with my parents and younger brother to Borgafjäll in South Lapland, Sweden. I remember parts of that trip very clearly. We were in the…


April 4, 2023

Benamor Golf in Portugal

I was in need of some warmer weather, and golf, and decided to go to Portugal with my parents. 82 years old and still golfing. Respect! They have a thing…


March 23, 2023

Gargnäs in Västerbotten

This August, I spent a week in the small village of Gargnäs in Västerbotten County. It's a county of vast wilderness and very few people, especially in the municipality of…


August 14, 2022

Mauritius in May

2022 marks my 50th year alive, and turning half a century needs celebrating big time! On a slow winter afternoon, I spontaneously bought a trip to Mauritius with a return…


May 27, 2022